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A close shave

I recently came across a website called 'Clean Shaven'. On investigation, I discovered that they produced razors and razor blades that are much much cheaper than anything in Boots or the supermarkets and much cheaper than, say, Gillette products. So I bought some. The razor is good and solid. The five blades within the razor are just as sharp as anything Gillette or other manufacturers can produce.

Clean shaveI have always wondered why razor blades need to be so expensive but I just accepted that that's the way it is.

I remember, years ago, Gillette offering the two bearded ZZ Top band members £I ,000,000 to shave off their facial growth. They didn't take up the offer but Gillette got the publicity they wanted anyway.

In the early 2000s they had David Beckham on a multimillion pound contract and more recently Roger Federer. Tiger Woods and Thierry Henry were being paid many millions of pounds to sponsor their products.So that's why razor blades cost so much.I am delighted with 'Clean Shaven' and wanted to pass on my discovery.

Now these people know nothing of Harry May boat trips and have probably never been Lyme Regis mackerel fishing or Lyme Regis deep sea fishing but they certainly produce a first class shave!


Published on 05/02/2015.

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