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A winter’s rest for mackerel and deep sea fishing trips

Every autumn in Lyme Regis harbour you’ll see the ‘lifter’ take our two mackerel fishing boats out of the water.

Winter maintenance 1The 'lifter' is a machine operated by the harbour master. It gently lowers the boats down on the tarmac in the council car park. First we take everything off the boats that we can. Next we use a high pressure washer to remove all last season’s salt and grime. Then the boats are left out in the open where the wind and the rain carry on the cleaning.

With our boats sheeted over and left to dry out, nothing much happens until after Christmas. As soon as the festive season is over, work starts on preparing the boats for the new season of mackerel fishing and Lyme Regis deep sea fishing trips.

I’ll freely admit that I’m not the most handy person at DIY and engine maintenance so I call on Mobile Marine to service the engine and do any necessary repairs.

Winter maintenance 2On the other hand, Matt Stiles, my skipper on Sunbeam, is very handy and seems able to undertake most repairs to the wooden boats in his quiet efficient way. Malcolm, one of my very regular deep sea fishermen, travels down on sunny days to join me as we sand, scrap, fill and generally prepare both boats for their annual paint job.

We rub down and repaint every part of each boat inside and out every year. Gradually, as January and February pass into March, the boats look more and more beautiful until launch day which is generally sometime in the third week of March.

By then every job has been completed, the paperwork presented to the harbourmaster and the final licks of paint applied.

It is always so good to slide back into the harbour and start another season taking people out on a Lyme Regis mackerel fishing or deep sea fishing trip!

Published on 08/02/2013.

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