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An hour with the dolphins

A dozen or more times a year Lyme Regis is privileged to receive a visit from a pod of dolphins. These bottle-nosed dolphins give no warning of their arrival. Suddenly there they are in the area or they even just appear very close to the boat during a mackerel fishing trip. The passengers are always in awe. Perhaps they had slightly hoped for it but when it happens there is Dolphinsscreaming, excitement, pointing and even tears of emotion as these beautiful creatures slice silently through the water, often within a metre of the boat.

When they arrive here, the dolphins are nearly always hunting. They never hang around, always travelling fast towards Beer or West Bay. The skippers always pass on the news to the other boats….."The dolphins are here!"

I have been hugged, kissed, thanked and even tipped as a Lyme Regis mackerel fishing trip comes to an end and we return to harbour. Most days on the boat I am asked, "How deep is the water?" or "What do you do in the winter?" but the most popular question is, "Seen any dolphins recently?".

Published on 17/07/2012.

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