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An unusual angle on beautiful Lyme Regis

This video of a hang glider was sent by a good friend. It's the perfect introduction to Lyme Regis if you've never been here before. It's also a great reminder to old friends of the town from another angle showing just how beautiful Lyme Regis is.

Hang glider video

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Filmed on a day with the sun out, the sea calm and just a few people wandering about, when Lyme Regis looks its best, it makes me think of one of those fine spring days when it feels good to be alive and everyone you meet is in a good mood.

If the pilot had flown on just a few more yards before turning to prepare for landing, he would have glided right over my house.

I'm posting this at the end of January 2016. Usually by now I'm well advanced in preparing both boats, making them look beautiful for the coming season, but the weather has been so against me I've hardly been able to do a thing.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that by March 20 we'll have Harry May Boat Trips, Lyme Regis mackerel fishing and Lyme Regis deep sea fishing all ready to sail out from Lyme Regis harbour once again.

Published on 28/01/2016.

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