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Big win for Harry's Robin aka. David

This is a true story to warm the cockles of anyone's heart.

Around the 15th December I was abroad but I got a text from my younger son Robin saying he had good news that he wanted to tell me and that, no, his wife wasn't pregnant! To avoid any confusion with the photo, I need to explain here that while everyone knows him as Robin, his official, given name is actually David.

I knew it must be important because he wanted to call me at 7 a.m. British time and that meant he would be getting up early, Oh dear, I thought, a cry from the heart to borrow more money?

"Dad", he said, "Guess what .....I've won £50,0000 on a scratch card!!

Well I thought maybe I should be borrowing £100 from him!

Robin May's Lottery winWe have a taxi and he had just received a £5 tip. He does very well with tips but with this one, he bought a scratch card in Tesco's in Axminster after doing the shopping. He didn't 'scratch' the card till he got outside. After seeing the result, he couldn't believe his eyes and had to run back into the store and show it to the guy who had sold it to him. His comment was, "Young man, you've just won quite a considerable amount of money"!

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Published on 22/12/2014.

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