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Catching prawns and crabs with my dad

When I was very young, one of my first experiences of fishing was standing on the end of the Cobb at Lyme Regis catching prawns with my dad. He had quite a few drop nets which he would bait with kipper. A drop net looks a bit like the rim of a bicycle wheel covered in thin mesh net. You attach the bait to this and lower it with a piece of rope down the side of the Cobb into the water and onto the sea bed. You leave it there for a few minutes.

Prawn and crab fishingDrop nets are very very simple to operate. Children of almost any age can do it as long as they are being supervised by an adult. The joy of using a drop net over a crab line or a fishing rod is you never quite know what you’re going to catch, crab, fish or prawns. I know that kipper is good bait because of the smell but mackerel is good too. Even smoked bacon works.

If you are a regular visitor to Lyme Regis and you have children that love to fish I suggest you go to The Tackle Box situated behind the Harbour Inn on the sea front. Darren, the owner, is very friendly and helpful and sells the full sized drop nets which are worth the extra expense. Buy one and some mackerel or some kipper from the fish shop almost next door and off you go.

If it looks like a pastime you would enjoy, go and buy two more. Give them a good wash and take them home and bring them back for your next visit. There are smaller cheaper versions which are absolutely fine and are available in other shops round the Cobb but they won’t stand the test of time.

And, of course, if you want to venture beyond the Cobb and out to sea, you can always enjoy a Lyme Regis mackerel fishing trip or a Lyme Regis deep sea fishing trip with Harry May Boat Trips starting the new season this Easter time.


Published on 30/03/2018.

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