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Common and White Beaked Dolphins spotted in Lyme Bay

Douglas Lanfear, who often skippers our boats, taking people on Lyme Regis Mackerel Fishing and Deep Sea Fishing trips, ran a series of dolphin watching trips aboard Ian Cornwall’s Huntress from West Bay.

The trips were run in conjunction with Marine Life and Nature Trek, they were not looking for just any old dolphin, the species that they were particularly interested in was the White Beak. White Beak dolphins are not usually native to such warm waters as Lyme Bay but several pods have been sighted about 25 miles south of Lyme Regis over the last few years.

White Beaked DolphinThe first of these series of trips out into Lyme Bay was on the 21st July, when White Beaks, Harbour Porpoises and a variety of birds were spotted. On Sunday 22nd July, a second trip produced a pod of about twelve White Beaks 22 miles south of Lyme Regis, and on the way home, a pod of around thirty or forty Common Dolphins was spotted. An exciting video was taken and is featured above on the right.

One of our next news item will see more the pictures of what was sighted on the Wednesday so keep checking back here!!

You can never tell what you might come across when going on a Lyme Regis mackerel fishing trip.

A big thank you to Tom Brereton of Marine Life for supplying the source material for the video.

Published on 01/08/2012.

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