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This fine video was taken just over a mile south of Lyme Regis on Saturday July 13 by Steve Rawlings, Steve got so excited by what he was watching he just kept swearing and swearing as he gazed at the scene he was catching. That is why the music has been added.

                                                                        Click on the photo to see the dolphin video

Dolphins 13-07-19I caught up with the same pod ten minutes later and half a mile further east but Steve’s footage is absolutely excellent. This is up to the same standard as Richard Austin’s dolphin pictures captured several years ago on Easter Sunday and those pictures went right around the world. I had a deep sea fishing trip going on nearby but after receiving a phone call saying there were dolphins I pulled the anchor and nine passengers and myself had half an hour of these beautiful creatures right along side the boat.

I can't promise you that you'll see dolphins like this every time you come on a Lyme Regis mackerel fishing or Lyme Regis deep sea fishing trip but who knows? You just might.


Published on 15/07/2019.

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