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Father and son in great herring catch

When Roger and his son Ewan from Windmill Garage near Honiton decided to come fishing with Harry May deep sea fishing trips little did they realise that they were in for quite a treat. They went out on Sunbeam with Skipper Matt Styles who explained to everyone they were going to drift over a wreck and showed them what they needed to do.

Ewan with herringIn minutes they had all dropped their 'Pink Shrimps' over the side and were carefully letting them down to the wreck below. The wreck was torpedoed in March 1918.

Almost immediately hooks were being attacked, reels wound in and - hey presto - sparkling flashing herrings were appearing!

Over the next couple of hours, the crew of six landed 41 fine herrings. We very, very rarely catch these beautiful, tasty fish so this was all a major treat. Herrings do appear off Lyme Regis at Easter, but not every year. So Roger and Ewan were delighted to learn this from Matt, the skipper.

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Published on 10/04/2016.

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