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First mackerel of the year for Charlotte and Marie F

On my left is Charlotte Bateman from Bristol who was camping in Dalwood last weekend when she saw an advert for Lyme Regis mackerel fishing trips from the harbour on Marie F.

She didn’t realise that it was extremely early to try and catch a mackerel but she phoned up any way, booked a trip with Jake, her boyfriend, and arrived on the end of the Cobb at 11.30 am on March 31st.

First mackerelCharlotte explained that she has tried catching mackerel.with her dad when they go out in their kayaks but without any luck. Within the first ten minutes of the trip she suddenly said "I’ve got one" and started pulling up her hand line.

There are some huge barrel jelly fish back in the bay and I thought her line had knocked into one of those monsters. But no, Charlotte was right, there was the most welcomed mackerel of the year.

I was quite taken by Charlotte who told me she was a St John’s Ambulance volunteer going to lots of music festivals, rugby matches and charity runs.

She’s also the leader of her own Brownie pack of young girls after getting lots of qualifications.

Although she loves mackerel, Charlotte is going to give her fish to her mum for Mother’s Day.

As well as mackerel fishing trips, Lyme Regis deep sea fishing trips are also available from the end of the Cobb.

Published on 31/03/2019.

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