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Fox on the Cobb

This was the scene at the Cobb at the end of a perfect day and the date is April 7th and it must have been the warmest calmest day of 2017 so far.

Fox on the CobbTwelve hours earlier and the day was just beginning. The working boats -  trawlers, crabbers and whelkers - were getting ready to leave Lyme Regis harbour early around 5a.m. as the tide was dropping and they needed to be out in deeper water before the falling tide left their boats stranded on the bottom.

The trawler tied up right at the end of the pier in this photo was in just this spot all the previous night and as the skipper who was visiting Lyme for the night from nearby West Bay was walking up to his boat a fox jumped up on the Cobb from his boat and trotted away back around the harbour towards the lifeboat station.

The skipper was very very surprised to say the least, imagine the scene if the fox had left it too late to get off the boat and had appeared on the deck a couple of miles out to sea. He could easily be a regular night time visitor round the Cobb as there are often bits of fish or crab left lying around.

Published on 13/04/2017.

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