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George is nicked for possession of brocolli

George and a builder friend, Gary, were having a pint together in Beer. It was only going to be one pint as Gary was about to drive his Land Rover to Sidmouth. Just as he was leaving George's wife Jane arrived at the pub with a bag of purple sprouting brocolli for Gary as it's his favourite vegetable. Goodbyes all round then Gary jumps in his Land Rover and heads off to Sidmouth……or so he thought.

A few miles down the road Gary is pulled over by the police who breathalyse him.Much to his joy, he passes and, of course, he assumes that is the end of the matter... and it would have been if the policeman hadn’t spotted a large roll of cash on the passenger seat. George was asked to explain, “ Well officer, I’m a builder, I sometimes pay people in cash, sometimes I’m paid in cash. This is not an unusual amount for me to carry”.

Purple sprouting brocolliUnfortunately, the officer’s eyes next fell on the bag of purple sprouting. Within seconds Gary was under arrest for suspected drug dealing. Handcuffs and the back seat of the police car were next while the officer radioed for assistance from Exeter.

In due course a police van arrived with a lock up cage in the back where Gary was placed and driven to the nick in Exeter.

It took a full two hours before he was released. The motto of this story is "Only buy your purple sprouting from a reputable veg shop." While it's highly unlikely you'll be pulled over by the police on one of Harry's Lyme Regis mackerel fishing or Lyme Regis deep sea fishing trips, it might be advisable to leave your brocolli at home.

Published on 29/04/2019.

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