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Getting ready for Easter launch

After a very mild winter here in Lyme Regis, the town is slowly waking and filling up with visitors again. A new tourist season is just around the corner. For Harry May Boat Trips this means putting the finishing touches to both boats so everything is up and running as it should be before we launch our mackerel fishing boats a few days before Easter as usual.

Winter maintenance 1We've worked on both vessels for three months as and when the weather has permitted as they are stored outside during the winter months in a car park near Lyme Regis harbour.

For the first few days after the launching, both boats will be run out to sea to make sure the engines are working fine and to allow both skippers to get back into the feel of being back on the ocean again.

While Harry and Matt both enjoy this time of year looking forward to getting back into Lyme Regis deep sea fishing and Lyme Regis mackerel fishing trips, their real love is really all about just setting out to sea again, meeting people, earning some money and catching fish.

Published on 20/03/2015.

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