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Grey seal spotted off Lyme Regis beach

This dark, shapeless blob is, in fact, a very large, grey seal that my wife spotted this morning, the 6th July 2015. It was just off the main sandy beach in front of Lyme Regis.

SealDisappearing for several minutes at a time, he then surfaced almost exactly where he had gone down  appearing to rest there before taking the plunge again.

I have discovered that this rare visitor to Lyme Regis can grow to nearly three and a half metres and is very very good at catching fish. Two years ago a very large grey seal suddenly appeared in Lyme Regis harbour and stayed there for several hours, I imagine he was tucking into some of the many eels that I watch the cormorants diving for on regular occasions.

Lyme Regis mackerel fishing trips and Lyme Regis deep sea fishing trips aboard Marie F and Sunbeam are very busy at this time of year with some good catches on the three hour deep sea fishing trips.


Published on 07/07/2015.

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