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Guitars on the Beach 2014

Saturday 6th September was a day to remember in Lyme Regis!

The hustle and bustle started early that morning. The stage framework was already up but from first thing at least a dozen people worked flat out finishing it off bit by bit. The stage was in front of the 'By The Bay' restaurant and straddled the sea front.

The music started around 10 a.m. and the crowd grew bigger and bigger as the day went on. The whole area was a hive of activity with guitarists arriving every few minutes to sign on and join the throng out front on the beach.

Perfect weather prevailed; calm, warm and very sunny.

Around 5 p.m. came the moment of truth. Guitarists gathered on the sand wuth a flotilla of boats full of photographers close in to the beach, Ian Gillan, the man from Deep Purple and Lyme Regis resident, appeared on stage and the band struck up with the first magic chords of ' Smoke On The Water ' and 3,325 guitarists from all over the beach joined him singing and playing their hearts out!

Smoke on the WaterSuddenly, 30 seconds into the song, the boats lying just off the beach let off 22 orange smoke flares.The effect was magical. Very few knew that the boatmen had planned this. Afterwards Ian Gillan said "The effect was awesome and something I will never forget."

                             Click on the photo to view the video.

Mission accomplished, 3,325 guitarists all playing the same song at the same time creating the world's biggest band (outside of Poland) and also playing Buddy Holly's 'Rave On' and Status Quo's 'Rockin' All Over The World'.

Well done to everyone that took part and all those who made it happen. It was a wonderful day in Lyme's history. Harry May's Lyme Regis mackerel fishing and Lyme Regis deep sea fishing trips from the harbour all came to a standstill. The town was packed and the good feeling continued late into the night. Pubs and eating places were heaving and, as the taxis carried the last stragglers home, guitarists could still be seen walking back up the hill at the end of a very special day.

Published on 24/09/2014.

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