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Happy Birthday Joe aged 7

If I were to start a fan club, then this lovely little boy, who has now lost his second front tooth, would be the first to join. Please meet Joe, aged 7, pictured here with his mum, Jenni.

JoeJoe dearly loves coming to Lyme Regis and I think that, given half a chance, he'd like to live on my boat.

A very funny thing happened during the school holidays. Joe has been taught that we only kill creatures in order to eat them. Unfortunately, he accidently killed a spider. His mum quickly reminded him of the family rule. I'm told his face was an absolute picture!

Just recently he came up to his mum and cuddled her tummy saying "Mum, out of all your body I love your tummy the most". When Jenni asked him why he said, "Because you made me in there. When is this baby coming out?"

Joe just loves wildlife with deer amongst his favourites and he also has a hat with antlers on which he wears in cold weather. He'd be very surprised if he came to Lyme Regis harbour today at the beginning of Deecember as Harry May Boat Trips has packed up for the winter. There are no Lyme Regis mackerel fishing trips and no Lyme Regis deep sea fishing trips going out from Lyme Regis harbour.

Happy birthday Joe. See you next year at the end of the Cobb in Lyme Regis.

Published on 02/12/2014.

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