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Harry features in Mark Hix's new book about his adventures in angling

A friend who is a regular Independent newspaper reader sent me this extract from last Saturday’s paper. It features Mark Hix talking about his love of fishing and my friend Nikki was very surprised to find my name in the article.

Mark Hix fishing book“Whatever the conditions, I found the sea rather calming and still do today. I’ve had a boat in the harbour in Lyme Regis, Dorset for a few years and love hanging out with the local fishermen, talking fish and fishing just as I did as a kid. I’ve always found that the harbour has a lovely social element – in fact, it sometimes takes me a while to walk to my boat on the pontoon because everyone wants to chat. What do they want to chat about, you may wonder? Well, there’s Virgil, the local window cleaner, who is a great bass fisherman. He now has a commercial licence and loves to talk about new lures, reels and rods he’s bought.

There’s Steve who has a charter boat, as well as a deli and a café on the beach, and teaches boat safety in his classroom on the Cobb. Grahame, the harbour master, and his team are always friendly, and give me the occasional friendly bollocking for driving my 4x4 a bit too far along the Cobb, or a couple of miles per hour too quickly.

Harry May has the mackerel charter boat and a cab company, and often calls me about random stuff such as a new local yogurt he’s tried or to warn me that the seagulls have attacked the bins outside the restaurant. A handful of characters that you may well bump into on the way to your boat, so it’s always wise to set off a bit earlier to allow for chat.”

Extract from 'Hooked: Adventures in Angling and Eating' by Mark Hix, published by Mitchell Beazley

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Published on 05/07/2019.

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