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Harry feeding seagulls - first a photo, now a painting

This painting was done by my artist wife Christine, who is better known for her birds of prey paintings. It was painted as a thank you to our good friend Michael who helped her recently. His photograph next to it inspired the painting.

Seagull painting by CAHarry with seagulls by MS










Photo by Michael Schmitz                                                                       Painting by Christine Allison

Michael comes out on Lyme Regis mackerel fishing and Lyme Regis deep sea fishing trips aboard Marie F regularly. I usually let go of the mackerel as soon as I feel a seagull pulling it from my hand but this time I kept hold and I love the result.

Martin Clunes of Men Behaving Badly and Dr Martin was the first to photograph seagulls being fed on my boat in this style and his photo was turned into a card. To date I've sold 2,000 of them. Feeding the seagulls is one of my party pieces that I do at the end of a mackerel fishing trip to entertain my passengers.

You can see his photograph if you go back on ' Harry May news ' to June 2012. If you would like to visit my wife's website please go to

Published on 23/01/2014.

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