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Harry's loyal seagull

Gully has been travelling on my mackerel fishing boat out of Lyme Regis harbour for at least five years. When he's in the air I can't tell him from the others that hang around but as soon as he lands I can tell he's Gully.

Gully the loyal seagullIf the stern of the boat isn't too crowded this is where he perches as we head out to the fishing grounds. Once the lines start going out, he flies up to his regular spot right up on the bow and waits. I feed him whole mackerel regularly which he devours in one second, the speed at which he swallows a mackerel amazes people. When the fish are thin on the ground he goes hungry but his patience always pays as passengers often ask me to gut or fillet the fish so that's when he gets his dinner.

I can honestly say he hardly ever misses a trip and we go out on Lyme Regis mackerel fishing trips from Easter to the middle of November.

Published on 02/07/2015.

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