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Harry's Secret Walk

(...please keep this to yourself ...)

I was recently walking on the Undercliff between Lyme Regis and Seaton when I came across a new path leading from the main walkway down onto Charlton Bay beach. I was astounded by this beautiful path that has just been opened up. Strickly speaking, this path leads to the 'private beach' down at Charlton Bay but as we don't really have private beaches in this country I felt quite alright using it.

Undercliff WalkI estimate that this walk, starting at Lyme Regis, is about four to five miles long. Check it out on the map but you will have arrived at the beginning of the path to the beach when you have walked about halfway to Seaton. The narrow path you have been on for most of the walk suddenly opens up and the path becomes a road wide enough for a car. At this spot you will see a tall chimney which is all that remains of a pumping station with a plaque describing it as such.

Exactly on the opposite side of the path is a stile with all kinds of 'Danger' warnings all over it. Climb over and you are on this beautiful path to the sea with no risk to life and limb at all. You will emerge onto a semi- deserted or completely empty beach which is a true reward for all your efforts. I would suggest a swim and a picnic and just marvel at your surroundings. You can walk back the way you came or walk on to Lyme along the beach.

But if you do, make sure you have checked the tides and that, assuming you have arrived on the beach at midday, the tide needs to be low around two, three or four o clock for a safe walk back to Lyme. I can be contacted on 07974 753287 if you need advice on times and tides and if you want to see the coast and beach from the sea then take one of my Lyme Regis mackerel fishing or Lyme Regis deep sea fishing trips.


Published on 03/05/2016.

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