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Harry's surprise appearance in Hello! magazine

It’s not every day that a Lyme Regis fisherman finds himself in Hello! magazine in Abu Dhabi but that’s what happened to me...and after all the awful things I have said about the rag in the past!

I was a million miles from Harry May boat trips, Lyme Regis deep sea fishing and even Lyme Regis harbour.

Hello! magazine coverHarry in Hello!My wife, Christine Allison, and I were in Abu Dhabi for an exhibition of her stunning bird of prey paintings. The exhibition was held in a very, very classy shopping mall called the Avenue at Etihad Towers and continued for a whole fortnight. We sold enough paintings to make it all worthwhile, but, on the opening evening, the manager of the Avenue really laid on the publicity, and Christine found herself on TV, being interviewed by various newspapers. That's when Hello magazine turned up.

An Arab falconer appeared with two beautiful white falcons on the first evening. With Christine's paintings on display against a backdrop of a huge water feature and with various Arab women dressed from head to toe in their black abayas, the whole scene felt quite surreal.

Harry with falconChristine had done a large painting of a white gyrfalcon for His Highness Sheikh Suroor Bin Mohammed Al Nahyan, a member of the ruling family, and he arrived a few days later to accept it. He came with his entourage and I have to say all the males looked splendid in their whiter than white full length dishdashas.

It was all a long, long way from Lyme Regis!


– a long, usually white, robe traditionally worn by men in the Middle East

– a simple, usually black, loose robe-like dress, worn by women in parts of the Muslim world

– the largest of the falcon species that breeds on Asian, European and N. American island cliffs

Published on 16/12/2013.

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