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Have you ever been on a Harvester?

Stormy passage for Harvester

A stormy passage for Harvester PD98 sent to me by a loyal customer and posing on YouTube as a crab fishing vessel sailing out of Newfoundland.

In fact, Harvester PD98 is a fishing boat based in Peterhead which fishes regularly in the North Sea where the waves are just as high and rough and the living just as hard.

Harvester was built in Skagen at Karstensens shipyard in Denmark in 2008 alongside its sister ship Ocean Harvest PD198. The two boats are owned as as joint venture between skippers (and brothers) John (“Harvester”) and Brian (“Ocean Harvest”) Stephen of Peterhead.

Harvester has a remarkably different design to that of traditional Scottish pair seiners. The vessel has a fully enclosed shelter deck, with all gear handling sited on the upper deck. This leaves a large area for processing equipment for fish. This area is totally lined and insulated, and separated from any deck machinery.It also has a very low noise level, which is highly appreciated by owners, skippers and crews alike.

Have you ever been on a Harvester? Let me know if you want to go!


Published on 23/07/2014.

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