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Joe Bonamassa - the best guitarist in the world?

I hope you like this wonderful track from Joe Bonamassa, If it's up your street, please go to full screen with plenty of volume. I was there when this was recorded. Click on the photo to see Joe Bonamassa live.

Joe BonamassaI was lucky enough to see Joe Bonamassa again in October at the BIC in Bournemouth. We had very, very good seats near the front. Unfortunately. he didn’t play this classic ''India Mountain Time" but it didn’t matter, He played for well over two hours to an audience that clearly adored him. There cannot be one person that would stand out as the best guitarist in the world but this man must be in the top five. He held his audience spellbound by his amazing ability to get sounds out of the guitar that are rarely heard.

Each different track means a different guitar, yet he never misses a note, even though he’s playing complex riffs at high speed. I’ve seen him live a dozen times and he’s never failed to leave me speechless at the end of the show. At one show at the Royal Albert Hall I was only a few feet away from Jimmy Page. If blues rock is your thing, I urge you to watch Joe Bonamassa in action, I see he’s back at the Royal Albert Hall at Easter next year.

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Published on 30/10/2018.

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