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Leatherback turtle eats Barrel jellyfish

This amazing photo was taken one and half miles south of Lyme Regis on 31st July this year. It shows a huge Leatherback turtle attacking one of the large Barrel jellyfish that have been around our shores since Easter.

When skipper John King left Lyme Regis harbour on his boat Susie B to take a party of holiday makers out mackerel fishing for an hour, he couldn't have imagined he would come across this scene.

Turtle eating jellyfishSaid John afterwards, "The turtle suddenly appeared by the side of the boat. It was at least seven feet long with a very large head, I was absolutely flabberghasted, I didn't think turtles were anything like that size.

Two seconds before I took this picture the turtle had its whole head out of the water with the Barrel jellyfish in its jaws trying to bite off a chunk, fantastic stuff, it made my day."

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Published on 03/08/2015.

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