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Lyme Lunge 2019 - the movie

Date: January 1st. Time: 1pm. Place: the main sandy beach in Lyme Regis. That was the destination for  hundreds and hundreds of people for the annual Lyme Lunge. Lyme Regis attracts many, many people at any holiday time and this event is extremely popular.

For those who are not quite sure what I’m talking about, the Lyme Lunge is a quick dip in the sea at a time of year when the sea temperature must be around 10° centigrade and feels very, very cold to most human beings.

Lyme Lunge 2019I have no way of telling how many swimmers went for a dip today but I estimate there must have been around 400 brave souls. More than half were in fancy dress, I saw Donald Trump, Homer Simpson, a standard lamp, a monk, a dalek, and bishop, a knight, lots of ducks and many, many more.

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The beach was absolutely packed from one end and to the other with spectators all over the gardens, the North Wall and the seafront. Back in Lyme most of the town was double parked as people gave up looking for a space and just ditched the wheels and dashed to the beach.

Just after 1p.m. the signal was given, a mighty cheer went up from the swimmers and spectators and the 400 or so made a sprint for the sea. It was a wonderful sight on a perfect day with bright sunshine and not a breath of wind. Well done to everyone who took part and the Rotary Club of Lyme Regis for organising a spectacular event.

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Published on 02/01/2019.

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