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Marie F meets the Royal Fleet

At last the rain and gales have stopped. Spring has started bringing calm seas and clear days. When I was out on the morning Lyme Regis deep sea fishing trip with five passengers onboard, I didn't know that, on this particular day, I was lining myself up for a very special photograph. Of course, Lyme Regis mackerel fishing trips are also available.

Marie F the navy and the telescopeBack in Lyme Regis, Pat Hunt was in his lounge near the playing fields in Kingsway with his super powerful telescope attached to his phone, when the picture came together. Click! He snapped and captured this.

This is the ship Mounts Bay and she is the Royal Fleet's Bay Class Auxiliary Landing Ship Docks which is 175 metres long. It is at least six miles out to sea from Lyme. My boat is just over one mile out and yet it looks like there is only 200 yards between us. In reality there is five miles between us!

Published on 17/05/2018.

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