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Michael Jackson and me

During the summer of 2017 I met a lovely German lady on my boat. We chatted most of the hour she was onboard and she told me about a Michael Jackson gig she was at when she was about 15 years old. That was in Munich in 1987.

Michael JacksonClick photo to see the video

When I got home I watched the video because she had mentioned that she was in the front row and had seen herself in the video crying during the performance of Earth Song. She was obviously completely taken up by the moment when the tank came onstage as, I have to say, was I.

I felt Michael Jackson must have been at the very top of his powers around this time. If  you’ve seen him perform or not I suggest you watch this right up to the end. I love this video and get quite emotional each time I watch it. You can’t help but notice the young 15 year old girl I was chatting to 30 years later. Give it full screen and plenty of volume please.

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Published on 18/01/2018.

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