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Minke Whale Sighted 25 Miles South of Lyme Regis

As you will have read in our last news item, one of the skippers of our Mackerel Fishing Boats has been running trips in conjunction with Nature Trek aboard Ian Cornwall’s Huntress in search of White Beak Dolphins.

Minke Whale in Lyme BayWhilst methodically searching the south and western edge of Lyme Bay a flock of over a thousand Shearwaters and numerous Gannets were sighted in the distance. On closer investigating it was apparent that the birds were feeding and the cause of this frenzy was due to a Minke Whale herding shoals of fish. These magnificent creatures are not normally spotted so close to Lyme Regis.

The minke whale is the smallest member of the baleen family of whales found in UK. It has a very distinctive narrow, pointed rostrum and a single prominent head ridge. The name of the minke whale comes from the actions of a Norwegian whaler called Meincke who used to mistake them for Blue whales and harpoon them. The whaler crews used to refer to them as "Meincke’s whales" and the name stuck.

You never know what you might come across when on a Lyme Regis mackerel fishing trip.

Published on 06/08/2012.

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