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Mystery creature identified as a beaked whale

This is an amazing shot of a beaked whale. It was taken by one of the passengers aboard Neptune which is owned by Steve Postles. Steve does fishing and sightseeing trips from Lyme Regis.

Beaked whaleAbout midday on 31 August I was out in my boat Marie F doing a Lyme Regis mackerel fishing trip when I saw something very big and black rise up out of the water. It was not a complete fish but a very large fin. It crashed back into the water and disappeared.

Over the years I have seen two humpbacked whales, both at different times and that was a major experience but that was years ago, This new sighting really got me.

I phoned Steve Postles and told him to keep a lookout especially during his scenic trips and this was what he saw. The mystery creature was identified as a beaked whale by someone in Beer where it was spotted the day before.

I never thought I’d ever say it, but we have had a killer whale a few hundred yards off Lyme Regis this year, witnessed by seven members of the gig club rowing their hearts out one evening, I also saw 15 porpoises very recently in Pinhay Bay.

One of the fishermen called me up the other morning to say keep a lookout because he had just seen a thresher shark a quarter of a mile in front of where I was fishing. I didn’t see anything but there's plenty of action out there at the moment especially when you're on one of our Lyme Regis deep sea fishing trips.


Published on 31/08/2018.

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