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No shoot on Harry's boat for seasick Nadiya

On Thursday July 6 I was booked to take Nadiya Hussain, the winner of the BBC's 2015 Great British Bake Off competition, out on my boat from Lyme Regis harbour to catch mackerel. She was then going to cook the results in a new series of BBC cookery programmes. It was all set up months ago.

Nadya Hussain and husband AbdalLaura, who works on the new BBC show, came down to Lyme at Easter to meet me, see the boat and check out Lyme Regis, We all passed with flying colours and the date for filming was arranged. About a week before filming was due to start I phoned up Laura to ask her something only to be told "Harry, I'm very sorry to have to tell you but the day in Lyme Regis and each episode being filmed on boats has been cancelled!"

Of course I asked why and here's the reason. It appears that, a few weeks ago, Nadiya was filming in Hastings where they launch their boats down a stony beach. From the beach they go straight into the sea at speed. A wave came in over the stern and soaked her and the film crew.

They carried on with their plans and stayed out at sea filming in quite rough conditions. The result was that our heroine was very very seasick and vowed never to climb aboard a boat again! Series on boats cancelled and no Nadiya in Lyme Regis.

We sincerely hope that you never suffer from seasickness on one of our boats if you decide to come out Lyme Regis mackerel fishing or Lyme Regis deep sea fishing.

This fine portarit of Nadya and her husband Abdal was painted by David Manners Art of Lyme Regis UK and Wilmington NC, USA. Tel: +44 (0)1297443999  (M): +44 (0) 7919562894



Published on 16/05/2018.

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