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Rare Atlantic Bonito landed from Sunbeam

This beautiful fish is an Atlantic Bonito and it was caught by Thomas Lewosz who came to Lyme Regis harbour with his friends from Bridgewater on Saturday September 27th.

The group had booked in with Harry May Boat Trips to go on a Lyme Regis deep sea fishing trip on Sunbeam with Skipper Matt Styles. The trip was pretty eventful as they caught ten black bream. But the star of the show was this very rare fish, the Atlantic Bonito. This is only the second one caught on a rod and landed at Lyme Regis harbour. Atlantic Benito

The Atlantic bonito, also known as the Sarda sarda, is a large mackerel-like fish common in the shallow waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea. They differ from tuna by their compressed bodies, lack of teeth on the roof of the mouth and certain colour differences. They grow up to 75 cm and weigh 5-6 kg at this size.

Bonitos are strong swimmers and normally travel in fairly large schools. They are often captured by tuna fishermen when trawling for bigger game. Though thought by many fishermen to be inferior to tuna as a food fish, possibly because of its greater oiliness, the Bonito is a popular food fish in the Mediterranean as its flesh is similar to tuna and mackerel and its size is somewhere between the two.

As a member of the tuna family, we do get reports of various types of tuna showing up in waters around the British Isles but we have never been this close to one! Thomas was absolutely delighted and said afterwards, "This is only the second time I've ever fished from a boat but back in Poland I've fished around lakes for at least 15 years."

As well as the deep sea fishing trips, Harry May Boat Trips also offers Lyme Regis mackerel fishing trips.

Published on 01/10/2014.

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