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South easterly gales keep boats ashore

This photo was taken at high tide on the morning of Sunday April 10. With the wind winding up to become a full blown south east gale, it turned out to be quite a day! If you are standing on the sea front at Lyme Regis looking straight out to sea, this means the wind comes at you from just to the left of where you are facing.

South easter over the CobbThis is not the usual direction of gale force winds for Lyme Regis. It means the wind and the waves come straight into the mouth of the harbour. No boats set sail that day and at around 3.30 pm the gale hit. The rain fell for hours.

The following day on the local news I learnt that the size of the waves and the unusual direction had caused much damage along the south coast. This was mainly because unsuspecting owners had parked their cars too near to the water.

Harry May Boat Trips operating from Lyme Regis harbour decided not to go to sea that day. They were in action again the following day when the sea had calmed right down and Harry May's Lyme Regis mackerel fishing trips could safely head out to sea again.

Published on 15/04/2016.

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