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Sunbeam catches herrings by the score

Harry May Boat Trips hit a new high on Good Friday, when Matt Stiles, the skipper of 'Sunbeam', our deep sea fishing trips boat, took some happy fishermen and their children to a well known fishing spot. Between  them, they caught nearly 50 herring!

Matt Stiles catches 50 herringI've been taking people out on Lyme Regis mackerel fishing trips and Lyme Regis deep sea fishing trips from Lyme Regis Harbour for over 40 years and in all that time, as far as I can remember, noone has ever brought back that many herring.

Victor Homyer, the old boy with whom I started fishing back in 1970, used to tell me that he and his father used to drift all night with a net slung between their two boats for herring. They would earn ten shillings a thousand for them (about 50p). In addition, they had to get them to Waterloo Station in London....and that was included in the price!

Well done Matt!

Published on 19/04/2014.

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