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The Alkaline 5 Diet works a treat for Harry

I had just arrived back from a holiday in Crete at the end of November and I was quite ready to go on a diet as I had quietly been putting on weight most of last year. But after Crete, the sight in the mirror was just too much. I hated what I saw.

Alkaline 5 DietBeing in that frame of mind definitely helped when my wife Christine came across “The Alkaline 5 Diet" by Laura Wilson. I was completely ready to do anything to shed the pounds. Reading through the book I felt I could do this straight away. So for the month of December, not the best month to diet I admit, I threw myself into it hook, line and sinker.

I lost a stone by the end of the first month. I cannot eat all the food Laura recommends in the five meals a day that are on this diet. I haven’t been hungry once and felt I really ought to spread the word to all those who have been slowly putting on weight as they get older, feeling that added weight just comes with greater age.

Well, it's just not so folks. This diet works and the weight just falls away. There are also massive health benefits you’ll discover as you read all about it. In January I intend losing another stone and getting down to the weight I was in the early 90s.

Join me and tell me about it when you’ve reached your target.  And as the days start to lengthen again, do look forward once again to my Lyme Regis mackerel fishing and Lyme Regis deep sea fishing trips. Good health and best wishes.

Published on 04/01/2018.

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