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The End of AC/DC ?

It has been reported that Malcolm Young, the man who founded AC/DC with brother Angus has had a stroke and cannot play  music as he wants to.

I have listened to this powerhouse of a band for years and loved them but back in the day it was just about impossible to ever see your rock idols on TV. Rarely on TOTPs and whispering Bob's show, I did see them on the BBC in 1978 on a programme where Loudon Wainwright III was cancelled and AC/DC took his place, doing tracks from their first live album " If you want blood, you've got it ".

AC DC Black IceI've seen them about eight times and each show has been memorable. The last time was at the NEC in Birmingham in 2009 on the "Black Ice" tour. They only did four or five shows in this country on that tour but all the tickets for all the shows sold out in four minutes! The Black Ice CD and shows took $42 million dollars.

Rumour has it that another album was planned, followed by a worldwide tour. Now that all looks in doubt.

Good luck Malcolm. As the founder of one of the biggest rock 'n roll bands in the world you've given pleasure to millions and I would love to see you in action doing what you do best.

Click on the link to see just what AC/DC can really do.

Published on 31/03/2014.

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