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The end of Harry's home in 1962

This is the Lyme Regis sea front in 1962.

If you look closely you can see a bulldozer halfway down the slope. This is how all this mud came to be on the beach. The machine is one of a pair that pushed the mud down from the top up by the crazy golf down to the main beach.

Harry's home in 1962They worked for weeks to create this huge pile. The reason was, in those days, a part of the gardens was in private ownership and the owner had planning permission to put 38 holiday chalets all over the bank. However, the angle of the bank had to be reduced to 19 degrees from the previously very steep angle.

Now these days we know you don't mess with Blue Lias clay which this mud consists of. But in those days this was not known, so Lyme Regis Town Council gave planning permission to move tons and tons of it. This therefore upset the balance of the ground and resulted in a large area moving five inches. This brought our house down.

Futhermore, in those days, you couldn't insure against landslide as it was looked upon as an 'Act of God'. My parents took the developer who owned the land to court but he declared himself bankrupt.

So for the next 45 years we lived in temporary accommodation on this land continuously until 2007 when planning was granted and we built our present house. The story of that was covered by the Coast programme on TV and can be found elsewhere in this section of my website.

Now, from the comfort of my home, I can look out over the harbour and keep an eye on Marie F and Sunbeam before they go out for either a Lyme Regis mackerel fishing trip or a Lyme Regis deep sea fishing trip.

Published on 02/06/2014.

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