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The first mackerel of the year was a little late!

What a start to the new season! After what seemed like a twelve month winter we arrived at Easter 2013 with our boats all spruced up and ready for a busy year of mackerel fishing and deep sea fishing.

In fact we had what seemed like the coldest Easter on record. Gale force easterly winds blasted Lyme Regis and we shivered. Instead of packed beaches with visitors baking in the Easter sunshine this year they were wrapped in hats, coats and scarves braving icy cold winds.

First mackerel of 2013Our Lyme Regis mackerel fishing and Lyme Regis deep sea fishing trips have been at an all-time low with visitor numbers way down. We usually catch the first mackerel before the end of March but this year it wasn't caught until  May 1st due to the sea temperature being so low.

An old, old Lyme Regis custom sees the first mackerel presented to the mayor and in the photo our mayor, Sally Holman, is seen receiving it from Kirsten McIlroy. Kirsten works at Colfox School in Bridport in the Art Department and decided to come out mackerel fishing trip on the spur of the moment as it was such a warm sunny day.

Published on 08/05/2013.

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