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The wonderful Martin Clunes photograph

Hary feeding the seagulls | Photo: Martin ClunesA few years ago the actor Martin Clunes of ‘Men Behaving Badly’ and ‘Doc Martin’ fame, booked my boat for a family outing. I was delighted to meet him as I’ve been a fan for years and I knew he lived nearby.

It was a lovely, fresh Sunday morning. We chugged out to sea and soon started catching mackerel. I had just started to feed seagulls in this way. As we had a good catch I did my usual trick holding one up to have it taken from my hand seconds later. Martin saw this and asked me to do it again. Only this time he took this photo with his very classy looking camera.

A fortnight later he phoned me up saying he was a bit of an amateur photographer and he had in front of him the best photo he had ever taken and I was in it!

We met up and he generously gave me the picture, telling me I could do whatever I liked with it. I was delighted and it didn’t take long before I was walking round the card shops selling my new card. To date about 1,500 of these pictures have been sold.

So now, when on a Lyme Regis Mackerel fishing trip with mackerel to spare, for the pleasure of my passengers - and a few hungry seagulls - I invite them to have a go.

Harry May

Published on 25/06/2012.

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