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The wreck of the "Baggi"

The wreck of the SS Baygitano lies submerged one and one third miles south of Lyme Regis harbour and is a favourite site for divers and for deep sea fishing trips . Known locally as the ‘Baggi’ this merchant collier which was torpedoed in WWI supports an abundance of sea life including many different species of fish such as whiting ,wrasse, pollack, bass and conger eels.

Fishermen and boatmen often have a drift or two across the wreck before going further afield because they never know what the 'Baggi" may yield. From Easter until the end of October the wreck is dived on nearly every day because it lies in twenty metres of water which means that it can be dived on at almost any state of the tide.

SS BaygitanoFor the one hour Lyme Regis mackerel fishing trips the "Baggi" marks the half way point as it takes thirty minutes at mackerel fishing speed to reach her. The area around the wreck is a great spot to fish for mackerel. For the Lyme Regis deep sea fishing trips this wreck can hold anglers interest for hours if the fish are feeding. On a fine, calm and sunny day anyone can look south and immediately spot where the wreck lies as you will often see a mass of deep sea fishermen and dive boats tight to the area.

This armed merchant ship was 325ft long with a beam of 45ft and a gross tonnage of 3075 tonnes. For the historians among you, the SS Baygitano was torpedoed on March 18th 1918 by a German U boat with a loss of just two lives. 35 men were saved and brought to Lyme Regis harbour by the ship's lifeboats. The ship was returning to Cardiff from Le Havre where she had just unloaded a cargo of coal for a French power station. The U boat was lying in wait three miles south of Lyme Regis harbour and sank the 'Baggi" with a single torpedo. You can see a video of the wreck and its amazing variety of marine life at:


Published on 14/08/2012.

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