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There's a bl**** great fish behind the boat!

Over the recent August Bank Holiday, when Lyme Regis was absolutely packed because of the fantastic weather, we were blessed by the presence of a bottle nosed dolphin.

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Blue Nosed DolphinI had just left the harbour onboard Marie F with ten passengers heading out for an hour's mackerel fishing. We were quite close in behind the High Wall on the way to Pinhay Bay where there are usually a few mackerel to be found when I noticed a small splash by the side of the boat. It was flat calm at the time and I just put it down to the wash of another boat.

Suddenly this woman standing near the bow shouted out “There's a bloody great fish behind the boat!"

All eyes looked behind and sure enough there was a bottle nosed dolphin clear out of the water. It was a marvellous sight. It was just the one but it followed us all the way to Pinhay and back. No one wanted to fish. We all just watched fascinated by this creature as it swam very, very close to the side of the boat for a full hour. We were honoured.

A small girl was so moved by the experience that she left the boat in tears, telling her mum that she would remember the dolphin for the rest of her life.

Harry May's boats Marie F and Sunbeam are available daily for Lyme Regis mackerel fishing and Lyme Regis deep sea fishing trips from the harbour.


Published on 31/08/2019.

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