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Unique video of Marie F customer catching a sea bass on a mackerel line

While being videoed by her son on a Harry May mackerel fishing trip with her family, Cicely Drewe caught a 30 pound sea bass on a mackerel line on July 20th.

CLICK HERE to see the video.

Sea bass caught on mackerel lineTo have a bass caught on a mackerel line is a once in a year thing for Harry but to have someone actually filming it is unique as, to his knowledge, it has never been filmed before.

On board at the time were Charlie Jacoby, Mrs Drewe’s son, and his family. Charlie owns Fieldsports Channel, the online TV company. He happened to be making a video of his family on their Lyme Regis mackerel fishing trip. Out of the blue his mum caught a bass on her mackerel line.

Charlie commented on Harry’s mackerel fishing trips: “There's no better way my mum can think of to entertain the grandchildren at the seaside than to take them out handlining for these scintillating, hard-fighting, little fish. Our day's fishing with you was perfect, lots of mackerel and the miracle bass. Hope to come again soon.”

Video courtesy of Charlie Jacoby of Fieldsports Channel

Published on 12/08/2013.

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