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Watch out for rock pipits at the Cobb

Four or five pairs of Rock Pipits probably live and breed around the Cobb at Lyme Regis harbour. This is where I spend a large part of my life between setting off and returning from my Lyme Regis boat trips. As the years go by, I have noticed these beautiful semi-tame little birds more and more.

Rock pipetThey are very easy to spot being smaller than a starling and slightly bigger than a sparrow. The rock pipit is olive brown above and dirty white with dark streaking below. They walk and run along the ground looking for food in the form of insects or pieces of fish.

It is quite common to find one of these little birds running along inside a boat looking for food. When we come back to the harbour after one of our Lyme Regis boat trips a rock pipit will fly on board and do a quick inspection almost as soon as the boat is empty. As soon as you come inland a few yards leaving the area around the Cobb and harbour behind, there is not a rock pipit to be seen.

Like me, they need to be by the sea.

Published on 31/10/2012.

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