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Why fossil hunters carry hammers

Here is the reason fossil hunters carry hammers ! My friend Nikki, who spends every minute on Lyme’s beaches whenever she visits the town, was just starting out hunting for her treasures on Charmouth beach when she spotted just a corner of this fossil sticking out of the sand. The first photo shows what she saw.

Ammonite in rockNow Nikki talks a lot even when she’s not excited. So I can’t imagine how she must have been when she saw that small bit of ammonite showing out of the sand. She isn’t one to give up easily, so after extracting it from the sand, she carried on for five hours carrying the heavy load around the beach in her back pack as she searched for more specimens.

Major fossil hunter Paddy Howe, who spent hours and hours cleaning it up, described it as one of the finest ammonites to be discovered on Lyme’s beaches in 2018.

Ammonite polishedMy boats have a major inspection coming up in mid January by the powers that be. So we are working hard in that direction.

My man Bob, who loves messing around in boats whether in the water or not, has been hard at it during the winter months cleaning, scraping, rubbing down, painting, repairing and generally getting everything just right.

Oh and I forgot to mention stripping down all the fishing reels and greasing them. Thank you Bob.

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Happy new year.

Published on 16/01/2019.

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