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Wish you were here - Pink Floyd over the Cobb

In all this appalling weather, as the Cobb is being constantly bombarded by extreme gales, some interesting shapes and images have appeared for mere seconds and then just as quickly faded away. Pink Floyd ‘appeared’ for a fleeting glimpse and luckily a friend was on hand with a camera to grab that special, split-second image.

Floyd over the CobbThe surface of the Cobb has taken a real pounding. Cracks and holes have appeared but no one has had a chance to look over the edge to see what’s happened to the walls that take all the brute force of the waves.

After the huge gale in 1824 which breached the Cobb and swept away boats and houses, the walls were rebuilt as they are today.

Disappointingly, very little maintenance is carried out these days, although I believe an engineer from West Dorset District Council inspects all the walls from time to time.

What is certain is that there are no Harry May Boat Trips from Lyme Regis harbour at the moment. There will be no Lyme Regis mackerel fishing trips or Lyme Regis deep sea fishing trips until early April.

Photo courtesy of Simon Bennett

Published on 17/02/2014.

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